Class Options

Loop Agility maintains a teaching style which keeps students involved in their own learning through hands on exercises and activities.  Experiential learning is heavily implemented in our courses, so that students aren’t just learning about the topics we teach, they’re practicing and using them in real time.

Classroom instruction is available to individuals who are interested in learning about topics taught by Loop Agility.  Simply choose the location nearest to you and you can purchase a seat in one of our training courses.  We currently have seats available for courses being held in St. Louis, San Francisco, and Detroit, with future dates and locations on the way.

We will come to you to conduct the training. No need to send employees away from the workplace! This flexible option provides the employer with an opportunity to coach employees as teams instead of individually, which will allow your organization to enjoy cost savings.  Simply choose the topic or framework to be taught and the times and location for the training to be conducted.

In this option, an employer may decide to put on a classroom training and then they can select which employees should attend.